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PRF treatments are protocols that make use of your body’s plasma to aid in skin rejuvenation. Using your Platelet Rich Fibrin through microneedling, your skin will be nourished and achieve maximum rejuvenation benefits. These services help your skin receive structure, volume, and hydration

what PRF treatments does NIMA offer?

PRF + Injections

PRF + Injections + Filler Injections




The PRF Treatment utilizes your own PRP to create rejuvenating effects for your skin. PRP contains stem cells, cells that our bodies use to help rebuild and rejuvenate ourselves. For the PRF Treatments, we draw your blood and separate the PRP, and once the PRP is in its purest form, we inject it back into your tissues with a microneedle. The PRP aids in your body’s production of collage, enhances your structure, and improves the appearance of the skin.


The amount of treatments you need is dependent on the goals you wish to achieve. 2 - 3 treatments are typically recommended, each 6 - 8 weeks apart.


Following a PRF Treatment, do not apply make-up for the next 24 hours. Some redness can be expect for up to 72 hours, and mild flaking can occur for 3 - 5 days if microneedling was part of your treatment.

You cannot apply make-up for 24 hours post treatment.  You can expect to have some redness for up to 72 hour post treatment.  You may experience mild flaking 3-5 days post treatment if microneedling was used in your treatment.


For anyone wishing to prevent signs of early aging, this treatment is right for you.   

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our clients love us

Emilee Tourville
Read More
It was such a great experience throughout the entire consultation. I will be referring my friends to her!!
Alyssa Smoot
Read More
I love NIMA Spas! I go to the Salt Lake location for literally everything from laser to botox to facials. Karalyn is darling and always helps gem me in for appointments that work with my crazy schedule.
Kirsten Rose
Read More
I appreciate the friendly and kind care that they give. I'm glad I've found a place that feels comfortable and inviting! Thank you!
Lindsay Butler
Read More
I never cared for skin care until Katie made it seem easy and ultimately, in the end, worth it all without pressure of another skin care company MLM. She’s the real deal!!
Maddie Morris
Read More
I’ve been to other med spas where I felt rushed in and out in 5 minutes. Paige and her assistants have not made me feel like that at all. Will continue to be a loyal customer here 🙂
Kimberly Bytheway
Read More
They are unbelievably attentive to detail and take every precaution necessary to make the experience more satisfying than any other spa I’ve patronized. I’m NEVER disappointed!
Jen DeBarr
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My experience with NIMA was truly amazing! The instructors and staff are beyond helpful and I learned so much! During my exit, Heather was truly amazing! She made everything easy to understand and even to this day I feel comfortable reaching out to her whenever I have questions.
Macquel Chase
Read More
I have gone to NIMA on a couple of occasions and received several different treatments. Every time I’ve gone, I have been treated very well and they always make sure I’m comfortable and happy with my results.
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I’d never trust anyone else with my face. Both of them are super knowledgeable, professional, and kind. I always have the best appointments. Love them!! 10/10 recommend.
AJ Hyde
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The ladies that do the procedures are extremely informative and kind, the ladies at the front desk are absolutely outstanding, and the facility is clean and beautiful! You can’t go wrong stepping into NIMA for anything!!! Please check this place out, it will completely change your life!!!
Wendy Tadlock
Read More
While receiving my treatment they kept checking in making sure I was comfortable the whole time. BEST treatment I have ever received and am loving my results!
Majeska Morgan
Read More
They were so understanding when it came to my skin care regime and also recommended me great aftercare including all her tips and tricks for my skin type. Will definitely be coming back in the future!

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